Terms & Conditions

Eligibility of entry

  • By submitting a fully completed entry for the Annual Durban Tourism Awards (Awards), the entrant agrees to abide by the terms and conditions stated herein.
  • The entrant represents, warrants and undertakes to the Ethekwini Municipality that the entrant is entitled to and has the capacity to enter the competition.
  • Entrants in the accommodation, tour guide, tour operators and MESE categories must be registered with the local community tourism organisation and proof of registration must be provided.
  • Only completed entries will be considered.
  • No late applications will not be considered regardless of any reason for the late entry. The responsibility lies with applicants in ensuring that entry applications are received prior to the closing date.
  • Entries must be submitted online and through the designated/approved printed nomination form.
  • All information provided by the entrant must be true and correct.
  • All entries are at the entrant’s own risk.
  • Entrants who are employees of parastatals or organs of state and who have family members who are employees of a parastatal or organ of state are not permitted to enter and shall be disqualified from entering the Awards.
  • Entries that do not comply with the abovementioned requirements shall be disqualified.
  • Employees of the Ethekwini Municipality are not permitted to enter.


  • Only one vote per person will be permitted.
  • All votes will be verified and audited to ensure fairness and transparency.
  • The announcement of the winners and runners up shall be based on the judge’s decision and not the Ethekwini Municipality.
  • The judge’s decision shall be final and binding and there shall be no further correspondence entered into.
  • Prizes cannot be converted to cash.
  • Entrants may not vote for their own products.


  • The Ethekwini Municipality shall not accept responsibility for the correctness of any information provided by external sources on this website.
  • The eThekwini Municipality shall not accept nor is responsible for any costs which are incurred during and for the purposes of entry into the competition.
  • The Ethekwini Municipality makes no representations or warranties, implied or otherwise that the content and technology on this website are free from errors and omissions.
  • The use of the content on this website is at the users own risk. The user assumes full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from the use of the content on this website
  • Certain links on this website may lead to resources maintained by third parties over whom the Ethekwini Municipality has no control. The Ethekwini Municipality makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of or any other aspect relating to those resources.
  • Once submitted an entry may only be withdrawn by the entrant. The request to withdraw an entry must be made in writing and received by Ethekwini Municipality no later than 7 (seven) days after the closing date of the entry period.
  • The Ethekwini Municipality reserves the right to withdraw an award from any winner, who in its sole discretion has brought the awards into disrepute.
  • The entrant indemnifies the Ethekwini Municipality and undertakes to hold the Ethekwini Municipality harmless against all claims which may be made against the Ethekwini Municipality, and against all losses, damages and all costs which the Ethekwini Municipality may incur or suffer arising from the entrant’s participation in the Awards.
  • The entrant confirms that it has been informed about the intended use of any personal information that has been submitted together with the entry. The entrant authorises the Ethekwini Municipality to use the personal information provided with this entry as confirmation of its status and standing as an entrant and to verify any information contained in this entry including the authority to verify registration with a professional body.
  • The entrant understands that the use of this information is restricted to the evaluation of the entry and for the purpose of the Awards, strictly in line with any applicable laws relating to the Awards and the evaluation thereof, and that such personal information will not be sold or disseminated to third parties not directly involved in the Awards without its consent.
  • The entrant understands that the evaluation of the entry shall include the sharing of all relevant documentation submitted to both internal and external parties who may have an interest in the entry and Awards and are required to be notified by law in terms of the relevant information.
  • Entrants are encouraged to register their business with the eThekwini Municipality Supply Chain Management.
  • The eThekwini Municipality reserves the right to cancel, modify or amend the competition at any time if deemed necessary or if circumstances arise outside of the municipality’s control.
  • The Ethekwini Municipality shall comply with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.
  • The eThekwini Municipality is guided by the Kwazulu Natal Tourism Act, 1996. To this end all processes, procedures, and competition criteria of the Durban Tourism Business’ Awards are guided by the Kwazulu Natal Tourism Act, 1996 as a way of complying with the Act. All entrants are encouraged to view.